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CREAM OF THE CROP: Yamaha XT550 by Zombie Gelato

Written by Martin Hodgson Wherever in the world you go, it’s not long before you find a kindred spirit who shares a love for motorcycles; it’s a ...
18-01-2020 21:50

THE LONG HAUL: Honda CB750 by Cody Fagan

Written by Martin Hodgson Few, if any of the greatest automotive masterpieces to have been built in the last hundred years went through the ‘design...
14-01-2020 21:51

HEAVILY CAFFEINATED: Ducati 848 Evo by NCT Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson On the salesroom floor of a motorcycle dealership, no sector of the market sees technology evolve as quickly as in the Spor...
10-01-2020 21:49


Words by Tim Huber. First patented in 1952, Norton?s featherbed chassis was originally developed for TT competition and upon its release (and for rou...
08-01-2020 21:50


Thought we’d start the year with something a little different. Our friend and motorcycle photographer Errol Colandro wrote a raw and honest story t...
06-01-2020 21:51


Written by Martin Hodgson While Santa packed up his sleigh and headed off to fill his stomach with cookies, rum and hay, for Rudolph and the lads, ...
27-12-2019 21:49

SINISTER SCRAMBLER: ‘Black Villain’ Ducati Scram

Written by Martin Hodgson 2019 has been a tough year for those facing wildfires, from Europe to Australia’s East Coast, California to the vast Amaz...
20-12-2019 21:53

FAST & LEFT OF FIELD: ‘Have Fun Flat Track’

The resurgence of flat track racing around the world is no surprise; it’s fast, dangerous, fun and great for spectators to watch. Christine Gabler ...
18-12-2019 21:51

TRI-WHEELED TRIUMPH: LC Fabrications Stunning Sidecar

Written by Tim Huber. Existing today primarily as a novelty genre of sorts, sidecars are without a doubt one of, if not the most seldom-seen style of...
17-12-2019 21:56

TIME MACHINES: EVE LUX and EVE 2020 by Bandit9

Written by Martin Hodgson This guy is like a hurricane, you see him coming a mile away, you can see a storm building on the horizon, you feel his bre...
16-12-2019 21:50

FLYING FIGHTER: BMW K1200RS by Ugly Motors

Written by Martin Hodgson From Lennon and McCartney to Ben and Jerry, famous collaborations have brought us amazing music and made life that little s...
12-12-2019 21:48


Written by Tim Huber. Hogan Jeffs has completed other Honda Dax builds in the past, but none like this. The New Zealand-based builder and member of N...
10-12-2019 21:47

URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLE: Buell XB9R by Ruthless Customz

Written by Martin Hodgson We’re not the first to say it, but Erik Buell is a genius and over 100,000 examples of the sports bikes wearing his name ...
09-12-2019 21:50

GOOD WORK AIN’T CHEAP: Harley-Davidson Iron 883 by Gas

Nothing goes better with the image of Harley-Davidsons than hard liquor and tattoos. So when one of Gasoline Motor Co.?s best clients for commissione...
05-12-2019 21:48

OUTSIDE THE BOX: BMW R75 ‘The Shark’ by Titan Mo

Written by Martin Hodgson The one thing you know about receiving an email from Titan Motorcycle Co. is you have no idea just what kind of custom bike...
04-12-2019 21:49


Written by Tim Huber. MV Agusta has a rich and lengthy race history as one of the winningest motorcycle marques of all time with the Varese firm havi...
03-12-2019 21:49

DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL: Yamaha XV750 by Purpose Built Moto

Written by Martin Hodgson They say the devil is in the detail, and it is this aspect that separates the best from the rest amongst the thousands of c...
28-11-2019 21:45


When building a new project, inspiration can come from many places. For Wayne Buys of Fabman Creations in South Africa, his main form of inspiration ...
27-11-2019 21:51

SHAPE SHIFTER: BMW R90 by Catskill Mountain Customs Inc.

Written by Martin Hodgson Life is filled with many simple joys and one of them is to observe a true master craftsman at work. The artisan is found al...
26-11-2019 21:48

STELLAR SCRAMBLER: Ducati 750SS by LL Motorcycles

Written by Tim Huber. Though the Monster is a fairly close second, the 750/900 SS platform has become Ducati?s most commonly customized model in rece...
25-11-2019 21:48

BADLANDS BAVARIAN: BMW R100R ‘Rogue’ by Side Roc

Written by Tim Huber Building one-off motorcycles for customers requires a bit of a delicate balancing act: the shop has to adhere to the wants, need...
22-11-2019 21:50

GOLDEN EYE: Indian FTR 1200 by Indian Metz

Written by Martin Hodgson It was June 2016 when multi-time American Flat Track Champion Jared Mees announced he would join Indian as they returned to...
21-11-2019 21:51

REVIVAL OF A BRAND: Interview with Josh Sirlin from Black Be

We spoke with Josh Sirlin, creative director, curator and owner of the Black Bear Brand. The brand has had a long history in America and has now been...
20-11-2019 21:49

LIMITED EDITION: CCM Spitfire Stealth Series

Written by Tim Huber. When CCM introduced the first Spitfire model in 2016, the handmade singles took the world by storm, generating an enormous amou...
19-11-2019 21:47

GO LEFT: Honda CB250 ‘Americanos Flat Tracker’ b

Written by Martin Hodgson The style of motorcycle we’re into at any one time can change like our taste in music; your staple might be the thrash m...
18-11-2019 21:48

ROUGH DIAMOND: BMW R100GS by Diamond Atelier

Written by Tim Huber. When Diamond Atelier first burst onto the scene in 2013 with its inaugural BMW R80 project, it was abundantly clear that the tw...
15-11-2019 21:49

DRAWING INSPIRATION: Interview with Moto-Mucci

Can you introduce yourself to our readers" My name’s David Mucci. I run a studio called Moto-Mucci where I build custom motorcycles and do design c...
14-11-2019 21:48

LICENCE TO THRILL: Honda FT500 by Hombrese Bikes

Written by Martin Hodgson The engineering professor who was the first to build functioning models of artificial neural networks has a quote he likes...
13-11-2019 21:49

OFF THE CHAIN: Yamaha TR1 ‘Django’ by Remastered

Written by Martin Hodgson In the proud city of Brescia, Italy, they’ve long valued innovation and tradition in everything they do. It is the home o...
12-11-2019 21:52


Honda CB4X Concept Designed by Honda?s European R&D team lead by Valerio Aiello, the CB4X is Big Red?s latest CBR650F-based concept bike. The 4X boas...
11-11-2019 21:52

Harley-Davidson Sportster Scrambler Episode 3 by Purpose Bui

?? Words and video by Tom from Purpose Built Moto. If you?ve been following this build series, you?ve noticed I?ve mentioned a few times that the two ...
08-11-2019 21:49

BACK IN BLACK: 2012 Kawasaki W800 by Mike Andrews

Written by Martin Hodgson The last time we caught up with Kiwi Mike Andrews he’d finished building his epic Honda Muscle Racer and after its Pipebu...
07-11-2019 21:48

GENTLEMAN RACER: Honda CB350F Board Tracker by Smith Brothe

Written by Martin Hodgson With almost any style of motorcycle there are different stages of customisation you can go to while still accomplishing a c...
06-11-2019 21:47

TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: 1973 Honda Dax by Hombrese Bikes

Written by Tim Huber. There?s something about mini bike models that’s hard not to love. The small-wheeled steeds are motorcycling in its simplest a...
04-11-2019 21:50

MAGNIFICENT MAGGOT: Honda CX500 ‘Mustang’ by Und

Written by Martin Hodgson When you’re a Ford Mustang owner but all you want to do is ride around, what better way to do it than to have a matching ...
01-11-2019 21:50


Written by Tim Huber. Building custom bikes means different things to different people. For some it?s a way to make a living, while for others it?s a...
30-10-2019 21:50

Honda CB750 Bol d’Or by Elemental Custom Cycles

Written by Martin Hodgson Road rules and regulations can be the bane of a custom bike builder’s existence, the strict confines of the law chipping ...
29-10-2019 21:50

IT’S A SMALL WORLD: 1972 Honda Chaly

Written by Ian Lee. There is an idea in some motorcycle cultures, that having a bigger bike isn?t necessarily better. I can agree with this line of t...
28-10-2019 21:57

SINISTER STREET SCRAMBLER: Ducati ST2 by Orcus Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson On any given Sunday you can stroll the pit lanes of any World Championship level racing and be surrounded by the very best ...
25-10-2019 21:47

HIGH CALIBRE: BMW R100 ‘VULCAN’ by Ironwood Cust

Written by Tim Huber. Each year, motorcycle manufacturers are faced with the challenge of building on, and improving the outgoing model year; finding...
23-10-2019 21:48

FIGHTING SPIRIT: Honda Hornet by Bull Moto Custom

Written by Martin Hodgson The popularity of certain models in the custom bike industry often makes total sense and at other times boggles the mind. E...
22-10-2019 21:50

AIR OF ELEGANCE: 1982 BMW R45 ‘Argentum’ by Side

Written by Tim Huber. As the old saying goes, ?practice makes perfect?, and with more than 30 one-off BMW builds to its name, the UK?s Side Rock Cycl...
22-10-2019 21:50

NOSTALGIA GRAB: Harley-Davidson FXR ‘Yamahaha’

Written by Tim Huber. It?s hard not to look back at your first motorcycle with a distinct admiration and nostalgia, no matter how beat-up or prone-to...
18-10-2019 21:50

TOUGH PROPOSITION: Royal Enfield Himalayan by Julian Palapa

Written by Martin Hodgson For the past few years motorcycle manufacturers have embraced custom builders and through various competitions have had the...
15-10-2019 21:51

RUSH OF BLOOD: Oil In The Blood movie release

?? Today is a day that many custom bike enthusiasts around the world have been patiently waiting for. If you weren’t able to get to one of the scree...
14-10-2019 21:50

BALKIN BOL d’OR: 1982 Honda CB900F2

Written by Martin Hodgson There can be a simple price to pay when you choose to roll with the pack and conform to what the current culture demands; e...
11-10-2019 21:49

TURKISH DELIGHT: Yamaha XSR900 ‘Chimera’ by Bunk

Written by Tim Huber. Created by Bruce Lee in the mid-to-late 1960s, Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy and form of martial arts that places immense import...
10-10-2019 21:47

VINTAGE VIBES: 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster ‘Taranis

Written by Martin Hodgson It’s not hard to imagine going to the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin and coming away inspired to build a custom bike...
09-10-2019 21:51

BACK TO BASICS: Honda CX500 by Kaspeed

Written by Martin Hodgson In any rapidly changing environment that experiences enormous growth in a short period of time, it’s easy to lose sight o...
08-10-2019 21:48

THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE: Yamaha TR1 by Alec Birkbeck

Written by Martin Hodgson. Tributes can take on many forms, the words offered at a funeral or a photo that lives on the wall. But there are others wh...
03-10-2019 21:46

HOUNDS OF HELL: BMW R80R ‘Cerberus’ by Haseth Mo

Written by Tim Huber. Some projects are just meant to be. We can resist all we want, but fate has a funny way of dictating our ultimate outcomes in w...
02-10-2019 21:46

PURVEYORS OF STYLE: Triumph Thruxton R by Untitled Motorcycl

Written by Martin Hodgson When purveyors of sophistication and style for more than half a century, GQ Magazine, were looking for someone to build the...
30-09-2019 21:50


It seems fitting on the day over 100,000 gentlefolk take to the streets riding for mental health and prostate cancer on the annual Distinguished Gent...
29-09-2019 21:46

WHEN SOMEDAY IS TODAY: Ducati Multistrada 1000S DS by Nico D

Written by Tim Huber. Unlike the Hypermotard, MH900e, Supermono, and Sport Classic, Pierre Terblanche?s design for the original Ducati Multistrada re...
28-09-2019 21:46

DOUBLE DUTCH: Yamaha XT600 by Pancake Customs

Written by Martin Hodgson It’s long been said that travel broadens the mind and there is nothing like a trip to the Sahara desert to teach a great ...
28-09-2019 21:46

WASABI BURN: Kawasaki W800 by Schlachtwerk

Written by Martin Hodgson Nobody goes for Sushi to only have just one piece, and the world’s best Kawasaki W builder has taken the same attitude to...
24-09-2019 21:48

METAL OF HONOR: Honda CB450 DX by JM Customs

Written by Tim Huber. Last time we checked in with Scotland?s JM Customs, James Moir and his team had just completed a gorgeous V65 Moto Guzzi scramb...
23-09-2019 21:46

BAVARIAN BLUE: BMW R80 by La Motocicletta

Written by Tim Huber. Literally Italian for ?motorbike?, La Motocicletta is a small shop in Italy that approaches custom building from a different va...
20-09-2019 21:49

OLD SCHOOL COOL: Custom Works ZON Knucklehead Chopper

Written by Martin Hodgson The last time we visited the rural village of Hino in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan we brought to you Custom Works ZON’s ...
19-09-2019 21:47

SECOND COMING: Triumph Speed Triple by Ludwig Motorcycles

Written by Tim Huber. Artists and builders tend to be extremely critical of their own work. With the benefit of hindsight, it can be hard not to go b...
16-09-2019 21:47

TRACK WEAPON: Ducati 1098 by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson A modern sportbike is an amazing thing; 200+hp, ultra-advanced electronics and top of the line suspension and brakes. But a...
13-09-2019 21:44

ORANGE IS THE NEW BRAAP: 1978 KTM GS250 by Sam Customs

Written by Martin Hodgson On the edge of a crystal clear lake, with its stunning historic buildings and sweeping views of the Alps, Thun, Switzerland...
12-09-2019 21:48

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS: 1986 Ducati Cagiva Alazzurra

Written by Martin Hodgson For just over a decade, beginning in the early ’80s, the Cagiva brand was the king and dominant force in Italian motorcyc...
11-09-2019 21:47

Harley Sportster 1200 ? The Purpose Built Moto YouTube Serie

?? There’s no denying the world of video content is becoming a bigger part of our daily lives. It’s something we want to start featuring more of a...
10-09-2019 21:48

TITANIUM TRACKER: Ecosse Heretic by Roland Sands Design

Written by Tim Huber. There?s something almost sacrilegious about placing an exorbitant and exotic motorcycle under the grinder for customization. No...
09-09-2019 21:54

RACE READY: Triumph Legend TT ‘Bob’ by Mr Martin

Written by Tim Huber. Produced from 1998 to 2001, Triumph?s Legend TT is basically a more affordable, less flashy version of the Thunderbird 900. The...
05-09-2019 21:46


Written by Martin Hodgson In a world filled with celebrities with no discernible talent and the scourge that is the social media influencer, there co...
04-09-2019 21:50

PAIR OF ACES: Kaspeed SevenFifty Limited Series

Written by Martin Hodgson. There is a fear amongst some about handing over large amounts of money for a custom motorcycle and with more manufacturers...
03-09-2019 21:52

NEED FOR SPEED: Honda CD250U ‘Motoleggera’

Written by Martin Hodgson It’s frowned upon these days as we all get a little wiser, but the old saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ could well be ...
02-09-2019 21:45

RADICAL RACER: Kraftstoffschmiede ‘Achilles’ BM

Written by Martin Hodgson When it was first conceived the Sultans of Sprint race series provided the perfect place for the custom bike builders of E...
30-08-2019 21:45

2019 Custom Built Show, Bogotá, Colombia

Written by Marlon Slack. I was in Colombia for twelve hours when a man yelled at me and shoved a pistol in my face. I panicked, reverted to German an...
28-08-2019 21:46

THE STREET RIPPER: Honda SLR650 by Rusty Gold

In the heart of Amsterdam resides a small moto shop called Rusty Gold. Inside you?ll find a plethora of vintage and custom motorcycle parts, accessor...
27-08-2019 21:50

NEXT GENERATION: Eray Electric Motorcycle

Written by Tim Huber. Over the last few years, it?s become abundantly clear that electric bikes will play an increasingly important role in the motor...
26-08-2019 21:45

THUNDERBOLT: Royal Enfield Classic 500 by Cycle City Customs

Written by Martin Hodgson Few, if any, foreigners will travel to the magical nation of India and leave without experiencing a life-altering change. H...
22-08-2019 21:46

BRUTISH & BRUTAL: Triumph Street Triple by Vintage Addi

Written by Tim Huber. Triumph?s torquey Street Triple offers a ridiculously fun riding experience with gobs of tractable low and mid-range power and ...
21-08-2019 21:47

RETRO SCRAMBLER : Suzuki DR650 by Parr Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson Being a one-hit-wonder has plagued many an artist and turned others into a punchline or answer in a quiz show. But having c...
19-08-2019 21:45


Written by Martin Hodgson It’s the most powerful production motorcycle ever produced, nothing else even comes close, but this missile on two-wheels...
16-08-2019 21:45

SINGLE MINDED: Honda NX650 Dominator by Hoxton Moto

Written by Tim Huber. Over the last half-decade-or-so, Honda?s ?90s big ADV thumper, the NX650 Dominator, has become an increasingly popular platform...
15-08-2019 21:48

MODERN CLASSIC: Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic by Purpose Built

Purpose Built Moto is based on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, and is owned and run by Tom Gilroy. Tom is handy with a wrench ? and mo...
13-08-2019 21:47

STEALTH SCRAMBLER: BMW R100 RS by Kingston Custom

Words by Tim Huber. Dirk Oehlerking and his shop, Kingston Custom have a heap of stellar BMW-based builds to their name, but when one does something ...
12-08-2019 21:46

SIX-CYLINDER SYMPHONY: Honda CBX1000 by Mandrill Garage

Written by Martin Hodgson For those who are ahead of their time there must be a desperate frustration, often a deep depression, as the world around t...
07-08-2019 21:45

SUPER COMMUTER: ER-6N Street Tracker By Taverne Motorcycle G

Written by Tim Huber. Since its release in the mid-2000s, Kawasaki?s ER-6N or Ninja 650, has been a go-to choice for riders seeking a practical, no-f...
06-08-2019 21:56

SIXTH SENSE: Honda CX650 by 6th City Cycles

Written by Martin Hodgson As the big corporates gain a larger foothold in the custom scene it can be easy for the vital grassroots to be left behind....
05-08-2019 21:53

ALL CLASS: BMW R80RT by Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.

Words by Steve Wong. You know how the story goes? a guy?s father-in-law has an old bike in the shed. The guy wants to do it up, calls a mate and they...
02-08-2019 21:49

‘La Monica’. Moto Guzzi Le Mans III by Dirty Sev

Written by Tim Huber. By far one of the most significant decades in American automotive history, the 1950s gave rise to some of the most iconic vehic...
31-07-2019 21:49


Written by Martin Hodgson For a university student who just wants to build motorcycles, all that time stuck in front of a computer can suck the life ...
30-07-2019 21:56

WILD CHILD: Husqvarna Vitpilen by Outsiders Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson From the moment the first concept was spied at the 2014 EICMA show in Italy, the Husqvarna Vitpilen had the motorcycle worl...
26-07-2019 21:53

‘Xaver Justus’ Yamaha XJ600 by Motopola

Written by Martin Hodgson When you embark on the journey of building a custom motorcycle half the battle can be in simply picking the base you choose...
25-07-2019 21:48

URBAN FIGHTER: Kawasaki Ninja 250R by Droog Moto

Words by Tim Huber. Since 2016, husband and wife team, Max and Erica Droog have been building custom bikes under the banner of Droog Moto. The Washin...
23-07-2019 21:45

KUPFERNICKEL. BMW R80 build by Jason Ralls & Rogue Moto

Words and photos by Jeremy Hammer  ?I didn?t know if it was going to be fantastic or a frankenstein,? are the words that rolled out of Jason Ralls mo...
22-07-2019 21:48

RACE TO THE CLOUDS: 2008 Yamaha YZ450F

Written by Martin Hodgson The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb joins the Isle of Man TT as the two most prestigious and legendary time trials in a...
19-07-2019 21:46

SUPERSIZED. Yamaha XT1100 by Slowbuilt.

To say the Yamaha XT500 is a legendary bike would be an understatement. More than 40 years later, it is still one of the best thumpers in motorcycle ...
18-07-2019 21:47

WORK OF ART: ‘Bauhaus 100’ BMW F 850GS by Krautm

Written by Martin Hodgson Exactly a hundred years ago German architect Walter Gropius founded Staatliches Bauhaus, an art school whose philosophy was...
16-07-2019 21:48

BRAT RACE. Kawasaki KZ440 by AMP Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson Take a project of any kind, particularly the weekend tinkering approach, and for generations the world over Fathers and Son...
15-07-2019 21:49

RUNS IN THE BLOOD. 1977 Yamaha XT500

We all have family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Like expensive silverware, bone china plates, antique furnitur...
12-07-2019 21:47

BAVARIA TO BEIJING. BMW R80 by Mandrill Garage

Written by Martin Hodgson Beijing might be one of the world’s largest and oldest cities, with an ever-expanding motorcycle manufacturing industry, ...
11-07-2019 21:49

FULL BLOWN. Supercharged Honda CB550 by Popbang Classics

Written by Martin Hodgson | Photography by Kenny Smith All that glitters is certainly not gold; what was supposed to be a quality custom café racer b...
09-07-2019 21:47

OVRLANDR. Harley-Davidson Sportster by Combustion Industries

Written by Ian Lee. As time goes on, the number of niche custom motorcycle categories increases. Flat tracker, becomes a street tracker, with a touch...
08-07-2019 21:47

WORLD FIRST: Supercharged Harley-Davidson Street 750

As the dust settles on 4th of July celebrations in America, we thought this Evel Knievel tribute Harley-Davidson Street 750 by Number 8 Wire Motorcyc...
05-07-2019 21:46

METAL WIZARD. Alonze 600 Special.

Written by Martin Hodgson. In the European guild system, the path to becoming a Master Craftsman is a long and laborious task that ensures only the v...
03-07-2019 21:48

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