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Motorcycles and the new Hierarchy of Road Users

There?s a change coming to the Highway Code that?s going to affect every road user, from pedestrians to truckers. And the new rules will apply...
25-01-2022 22:22

2022 Honda CB300R | Baby?s come back

Honda have just released the news that the mummy-bear CB is back, new and improved. Well one of the mummy-bear CBs, anyway. The Honda CB300R joins...
24-01-2022 22:43

PhD researcher discovers car drivers and motorcyclists are d

A research team led by Bournemouth University have just discovered that motorcyclist and car drivers may see things differently, even when on the ...
24-01-2022 22:43

BSB Champ breaks leg testing in Cartagena

Every off-season, there?s a list as long as your arm of racers that put themselves in hospital after overenthusiastically training. And the latest...
24-01-2022 22:43

It?s not too early to start planning your summer holiday

It?s 2022. A new year, a new you, and all that nonsense. This one?s going to be a good one though; the best one yet. As long as you start making p...
21-01-2022 22:08

Why bike racing fans are better than any other sports fans

Red Bull Content Pool/ Christian Walgram Not everyone will know this, but bike racing fans are way better than any other type of sports fans. Or ce...
21-01-2022 22:08

Jack Miller has got Covid-19

Red Bull Content Pool News came through today that Aussie MotoGP ace Jack Miller has caught Covid-19 and is isolating at his home in Australia. Som...
21-01-2022 22:08

Why selling a bike is like losing a family member

I?ve got a bit of a problem (actually, I could probably write you a list of ?em). I love buying motorbikes, no matter how old or falling to bits t...
20-01-2022 22:14

How UK motorcycle helmets are tested

If you want to know how safe a motorcycle helmet is it?s quite easy to look up on the SHARP (Safety Helmets Assessment and Rating Program) website...
20-01-2022 22:14

Oliver?s Mount Spring Cup Cancelled

The organisers of the Oliver?s Mount road races have just made the announcement that the Spring Cup will not go ahead in 2022. And in a rare twist...
19-01-2022 22:11

Are you a biker or a motorcyclist"

Is there even a difference" I think there is. To me, the two words have wildly different connotations. And if you ride a motorbike, you?ll be some...
19-01-2022 22:11

2021 is best year ever for Ducati. So what"

It?s smiles all round at Ducati at the moment, as it?s just come out that 2021 was their best year ever, as far as motorcycle sales go. Worldwide,...
18-01-2022 22:15

If you can?t afford the best kit, at least get some that fit

Recently a friend of mine was bragging about his helmet (not that one, he was talking about his crash helmet). ?These cost over £600 new, and I go...
18-01-2022 22:15

Why bike insurance is more expensive than your old MCE polic

Over the last few weeks, the internet has been buzzing with talk of MCE Insurance. Specifically how they?ve let a massive portion of their custome...
17-01-2022 22:15

Anti-tampering Regs | The Government?s Response

You?ve probably heard by now of the Department for Transport?s plans to ban tampering, of any kind, to road vehicles. That includes bikes, cars, v...
17-01-2022 22:15

Marc Marquez better and back on a bike

Fans of Marc Marquez will be pleased to know his latest ailment seems to be on the mend. His diagnosis of diplopia (double vision, in English) has...
14-01-2022 22:11

Who’d ride a modern Kawasaki ZXR400"

Would you ride a modern day Kawasaki ZXR400, if they were as good as they used to be in the 90s" I think I would. And we might just get the chance...
14-01-2022 22:11

Sam Sunderland wins Dakar on a GASGAS

After twelve long stages and over 38 hours of competitive racing, Sam Sunderland from Poole in England, has just won his second Dakar Rally, this ...
14-01-2022 22:11

Full Highlights of the 2022 Dakar Rally

DPPI / Red Bull Content Pool This morning, after thousands of race miles the Dakar Rally came to a dramatic end. The problem is, in the UK, unless ...
14-01-2022 22:11

How to recover from injuries. Fast.

In September 2020 I broke my tibia and fibula in a really stupid accident in a car park. It was a right mess, and it took a good few hours of surg...
13-01-2022 22:08

Slowing down makes you crash.

We all know that speed doesn?t kill. It?s usually slowing down or coming to a stop really, really suddenly that does it. But I think the point the...
13-01-2022 22:08

Triumph officially back in WSBK paddock in 2022

After scoring seventh and eighth in the British Supersport Championship with Kyle Smith and Brandon Paasch respectively, Dynavolt Triumph are step...
12-01-2022 22:53

MCE Insurance Company cancel all bike policies

When MCE Insurance Company Ltd was placed under administration on the 19th November 2021, they told their customers that all insurance policies un...
12-01-2022 22:53

Government cancel Smart Motorway rollout

After billions of pounds of our hard earned taxes have been spent, the government have decided that there isn?t enough evidence to suggest smart m...
12-01-2022 22:53

North West 200 dates officially announced

Stephen Davison/Pacemaker Press We?ve just had conformation that the North West 200 Road Races will take place this year (2022) on the 8th-14th May...
11-01-2022 22:15
11-01-2022 22:15

There?s no such thing as bad weather

It?s January and it?s raining outside. It rained yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. And it?s easy to use the excuse of ?b...
11-01-2022 22:15

The Chelsea Chariots of Motorcycling

When I was at school there was a certain breed of parent that wanted to drop their kids off every morning in the biggest, flashiest, most expensiv...
10-01-2022 22:21

Watch Sam Sunderland Race up the Burj Khalifa

If you?re impressed with Sam Sunderland s form at this year?s Dakar Rally (you should be, he?s leading the standings as we speak), you might also ...
08-01-2022 22:42

Watch Danilo Petrucci in tearful interview after winning fir

Yesterday, Danilo Petrucci became the first person ever in the history of the world to win both a MotoGP race and a Dakar Rally stage. And he did ...
07-01-2022 22:10

Confessions part 3 | Cheating again

The second time I got caught cheating went very differently. This time I was about 20, racing in the British Superstock Championship. I was racing...
07-01-2022 22:10

Confessions of a motorcycle racer part 1

Some athletes are purer than the driven snow when it comes to sportsmanship, fair play and all that stuff. But in my experience, the bike racing w...
07-01-2022 22:10

Confessions part 4 | Don’t steal my sponsor

There?s an unwritten rule in bike racing that you don?t steal someone else?s sponsor. It?s like shagging another bloke?s wife; it?s just really ba...
07-01-2022 22:10

Confessions part 2 | Cheating

I?ve never really considered myself a cheater. That said I?d be lying if I said I?ve never been disqualified for exactly that; cheating. And it?s ...
07-01-2022 22:10

Kawasaki Z 50th anniversary editions

It was in 1972 that the first Kawasaki Super Four Z1 hit the streets, and to celebrate Kawasaki are releasing four special 50th anniversary Z mode...
06-01-2022 22:08

Awesome UK roads you need to ride in ’22

A mate of mine is pestering me to help him plan a little riding holiday in Europe. He wants to explore the Alps, ride all of its mountain passes, ...
06-01-2022 22:08

Damon HyperFighter | 200hp E-superbike

The Canadian electric bike manufacturer that brought us the Hypersport electric superbike have just unveiled their latest weapon. It?s the Damon H...
06-01-2022 22:08

Petrucci wins stage five at the Dakar Rally

Red Bull Content Pool When the news came out that Danilo Petrucci was leaving the MotoGP paddock, I expected to hear shortly afterwards that the ...
06-01-2022 22:08

The most expensive Japanese motorcycle.

The world record for the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever auctioned has just been broken. Can you guess what it was" Well, you?ve probably ...
05-01-2022 22:27

Why we’re not at Dakar ’22…

The eagle-eyed amongst you would have spotted we?re not in Saudi Arabia, lining up for Dakar ?22. Things were looking grand until October – entr...
05-01-2022 22:27
05-01-2022 22:27

New Year?s resolutions everyone needs

Have you made any New Year?s resolutions" New year, new you, and all that. Plenty of us make some sort of oath to ourselves, be it to lose a bit o...
04-01-2022 22:18

How to look after your helmet

Look after your helmet, and your helmet will look after you, that?s what I was always taught. And nothing could be more true. No, I?m not talking ...
04-01-2022 22:18

A KTM in CFMoto clothing | 800MT

If I was a motorcycle manufacturer and I wanted to release a new middleweight adventure bike, I?d take a look at what KTM were doing. And then I?d...
23-12-2021 22:06
23-12-2021 22:06

Is racing better than sex"

Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool Anyone who?s ever raced a motorbike will know it?s really good, most of the time. Just like anyone who?s ever ...
22-12-2021 22:08

2035 | A realistic target for motorcycle electrificatio

The latest news is that from 2035 all new motorcycles produced will have to be electrically powered. That?s five years after the same rule will ap...
22-12-2021 22:08

Marc Marquez?s latest medical condition

Gold & Goose / Red Bull Content Pool He might be one of the best motorcycle racers the world has ever seen, but years of ?getting it wrong? has tak...
22-12-2021 22:08

How to prepare for a TT race

Last week we uploaded a video to YouTube about the Isle of Man TT, with a few little stories from Fagan and my experiences there. It seemed to go ...
22-12-2021 22:08

Ducati MotoE prototype takes to the track

A couple of months ago (in October 2021), Dorna announced that Ducati would be the sole supplier of motorcycles to the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup; t...
20-12-2021 22:15

UK government shafts motorcyclists. Again

In the UK government drive to have a carbon neutral country as soon as possible, they?ve moved the goalposts once again. Now, they?re saying we wo...
20-12-2021 22:15

Romano Fenati | Time to forgive and forget"

You don?t have to be an avid MotoGP fan to remember the stunt Romano Fenati pulled in 2018 at the San Marino GP. As well as being all the TV comme...
20-12-2021 22:15

Who?s going to win MotoGP in 2022"

MotoGP has been absolutely cracking for a good few years now, despite a global pandemic doing it?s level best to put the kibosh on things. No, the...
17-12-2021 22:09

Do you want to go on a bike launch"

One of the best things about working in the motorcycle media industry is occasionally you get the opportunity to attend the press launch of a new ...
16-12-2021 22:49

BMW Motorrad Performance Academy

BMW have announced they?re launching an on-track performance academy starting in Spring 2022. Tuition will be dished out by current and former BSB...
16-12-2021 22:49

Rossi shows FMX champ how to ride

If Valentino Rossi is one of the coolest blokes on the planet, you?d have to say Axell Hodges isn?t far behind him. That?s if you?ve heard of Axel...
16-12-2021 22:49

Top 5 Motorcycle Christmas presents 2021

If you?re struggling to think of something to buy your motorcycling friends, family or partners this Christmas, struggle no more. We?ve done some ...
16-12-2021 22:49

Limited Edition Razgatl?o?lu Replica R1

A few weeks ago, Yamaha showed off a really trick R1 that they?d built for Valentino Rossi, to celebrate everything he?d done for Yamaha during hi...
14-12-2021 22:18

Stark Future VARG | 80hp electric MX bike

No, before you ask, the new motorcycle brand Stark Future, isn?t anything to do with fictional squillionaire superhero Tony Stark, also known as I...
14-12-2021 22:18

2022 Ducati DesertX

Taking a Ducati through the middle of a desert might not?ve been very high on a lot of peoples priority list before 2019. Since then though, and t...
13-12-2021 22:15

Honda announce £10k bonus and free Fireblade for ?22 Superst

As part of Honda Racing UK?s new National Superstock Support package, Honda have said they?ll give away a free CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, as well a...
13-12-2021 22:15

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 | A new adventure

It sounds like Hinkley lot mean business with the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200. Rather than just updating what is/was a very serviceable adventure bike...
07-12-2021 22:14

Norton V4 Café Racer Prototype unveiled

Some people will turn their noses up at this simply because of the fact that it?s a Norton. Because despite the company being under completely new...
02-12-2021 22:41

Bimota KB4 | Supercharged exotica

Did you know, Kawasaki own a 49.9% stake in Bimota" No" Well now you do. That might have something to do with the fact that the new slightly retro...
02-12-2021 22:41

How long does a helmet last"

If you?re anything like me, it?s not often you?ll get the recommended 3-5 years out of a crash helmet; I?ve usually smashed them to bits way befor...
02-12-2021 22:41

2022 KTM 390 Adventure

The KTM 390 Adventure, KTM?s mini adventure bike. It?s got a single cylinder, 4-stroke Euro5 compatible motor making 43bhp and 37Nm or torque, and...
01-12-2021 22:36

John McGuiness back with Honda for 2022

He?s won 23 TTs. He was the first man ever to lap the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course at over 130mph. In 2022 he?ll start his 100th TT race. His na...
01-12-2021 22:36

IOM TT Racing | Safety first

IOM TT racing comes with some inherent risks, and we all know what they are. Unfortunately, those ?inherent? risks are one of the things that make...
30-11-2021 22:43

Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR | First Ride

We learnt a few months ago that the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR was not going to be the  ?Daytona Superbike? that everyone wanted it to be. ...
29-11-2021 22:09

Yamaha gift Rossi R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute

Some people get a watch when they retire. Not Vale. He?s probably already got a cupboard full of watches. No, Yamaha were never going to get away ...
25-11-2021 22:13

Five main types of motorcycle frame

Before the internet came along and I couldn?t get my daily fix of bikes and breasts online, you?d quite often find me with my head in a magazine. ...
25-11-2021 22:13

2022 Ducati Panigale V4 S

Just when we thought the Panigale V4 couldn?t get any better, Ducati drop this bombshell; ?the most significant evolutionary step? since the V4 wa...
25-11-2021 22:13

How dangerous is YOUR town" Top 10 regions ranked

Bognor Regis in Bloom, Hull City of Culture, best city for this, best city for that. These days, you can?t move for intercity league tables and to...
24-11-2021 22:21

Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

I thought we would see a ?Factory? version of the Aprilia RS 660 before the Tuono 660 Factory was announced, but I was wrong (again). Because just...
23-11-2021 22:15

2022 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP

2022 was always going to be a special year for Honda and the Fireblade brand. That?s because it?s 30 years since the first ones started appearing ...
23-11-2021 22:15

2022 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The 2022 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT doesn?t move across the earth, it simply spins the earth beneath it. That?s according to KTM anyway, although I?m ...
23-11-2021 22:15

MV Agusta 5.5 and 9.5 | Lucky Explorers

If you were a fan of the Paris-Dakar Rally in the olden days, you might remember the Cagiva Elefant. You might also remember its Lucky Explorer li...
23-11-2021 22:15

2022 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX and SE

A 200hp, supercharged touring bike was always going to get my vote. But now, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX isn?t just a 200hp supercharged touring bike...
23-11-2021 22:15

Yamaha R6 Race and R6 GYTR

Last year I got all excited because I thought Yamaha were releasing a race/trackday version of the R6. In actual fact, what it was, was a complete...
22-11-2021 22:16

2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP

A couple of weeks ago, Yamaha announced that the MT-10 has had a fairly heavy going over with more top-end power as well as extra mid-range boost;...
22-11-2021 22:16

The perfect superbike for £25,000

Not long ago, on an Island in the middle of the Irish sea, the 44T wrecking crew embarked upon a quest to find the very best production sportsbike...
19-11-2021 22:09

Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

The TMAX is more than just a scooter. It?s a twin cylinder, 560cc, ?sports scooter?, that, according to Yamaha, brought the scooter and motorcycle...
18-11-2021 22:24

One platform ten models

Are you unhappy about the fact that the new Yamaha R7 and Kawasaki Z650RS are both twins" You’re not alone. The argument is that the ?original? ...
17-11-2021 22:12

KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo

Since 2005, the Super Duke, with it?s blend of supermoto hooliganism and supernaked speed, has been KTM?s flagship wheelie weapon. After a big upd...
17-11-2021 22:12

MotoGP after Rossi | Will it ever be the same"

He?s not only the greatest MotoGP racer of all time, winning 115 races from 432 starts. Without doubt the most flamboyant we?ve ever seen, the mos...
15-11-2021 22:36

Norton Motorcycles | A new era?

We?ve all seen the headlines and we?ve all seen Stuart Garner on the news. The crook that stole all his employees pensions, took deposits for bike...
11-11-2021 22:11

Top 5 ways to keep riding in winter

There is nothing better than getting out on your bike and enjoying the beautiful British weather. Trouble is, we only get about three days of it a...
11-11-2021 22:11

2022 Ducati Streetfighter V2

It was only a matter of time wasn?t it" After the success of Ducati?s Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V2, over the past few years, Ducati were never...
11-11-2021 22:11

2022 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP | Spurt Production

Just when you thought the Streetfighter V4 couldn?t get any more crackers, Ducati drop this bombshell. It?s the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP, it?s t...
11-11-2021 22:11

Freetech Finale | Mayhem at Mallory

GRID Motorsport Media The dust has finally settled after the final round of the 2021 Freetech UK Endurance Championship. And despite the Factory Ra...
10-11-2021 22:19

2022 Yamaha MT-10 | Wheelie Machine

Yamaha say the MT-10 is the undisputed king of their hyper naked range. But if you ask me, or anyone else that?s ever ridden one, they?ll tell you...
10-11-2021 22:19

More 2022 Special Edition Triumph s

Special editions; we love ?em don?t we" Well Triumph seems to think we do. Because whether their bikes are selling like hot cakes, or gathering du...
09-11-2021 22:19

Ulster GP | Back in Business, possibly

It was announced over the weekend that the Ulster GP, which hasn?t happened since 2019, might have been given a new lease of life. The event was k...
08-11-2021 22:11

2022 Yamaha XSR900 | Faster Son

Yamaha?s XSR Sport Heritage range is like no other, if Yamaha?s latest press release is to be believed. Why" Because each model pays tribute to an...
08-11-2021 22:11

Airbags on motorcycles are coming

ABS, cruise control, built-in speakers. You name it, there?s a bike with it these days. And it?s all tech that?s trickled down from the world of f...
05-11-2021 22:09

Kawasaki Z650RS | First Ride

According to the Kawasaki marketing material, they?re starting a ?retrovolution? with the new Z650RS. Or a retro evolution, in English. Although o...
04-11-2021 22:16

Top Tips for storing your bike over winter

If you don?t care what the weatherman says and you?re the kind of kid that will go out for ride on your bike regardless of what?s falling out of t...
02-11-2021 22:16

Marc Marquez has done it again

It?s just come out that Marc Marquez had a crash on an off-road bike, banged his head and ruled himself out of the Algarve Grand Prix at Portimão ...
02-11-2021 22:16

Loud pipes save lives, but at what cost"

I?ve heard it said by more than a few people that loud pipes save lives. The theory behind it is that if you?re riding on the road, other road use...
01-11-2021 22:10

Husqvarna Norden 901 | Explore more

Since Husqvarna revealed the Norden 901 concept at the EICMA show in 2019, we?ve been teased with glimpses of the bike being tested here and there...
01-11-2021 22:10

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