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Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different"

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Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different" Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different"

Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different"

We?ve all seen the viral videos of drama queen footballers falling over after a non-contact tackle. And they are quite often followed by a clip of a MotoGP rider high-siding into next week? and then casually dusting himself off before climbing back on the bike. I think we can all agree that most bike racers are probably harder than your average footballer. But is that just the first of many differences between these two groups of professional athletes" Or are there more similarities than you might think" Join us in a study of these sports personalities as we ask ?bike racers vs footballers; are they really that different"?

Sex appeal

If you?re a well known professional footballer, you?re not going to have any trouble getting your end away. In fact if the news papers are anything to go by, there are plenty of them who?s only problem is keeping it to themselves. No, a Premier League contract is a one way ticket to Clunge-ville. Now let?s consider the premier league of motorcycle racing; MotoGP. Have you ever seen a GP rider with a right old rotter on their arm" I certainly haven?t. If they?ve got anything in tow, it?ll be an absolute stunner. And if they haven?t, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be one (or a handful) waiting in their motorhome or hotel room, to give them a post-race rubdown with a very happy ending.

Because like the footballer, the bike racer?s sex appeal is such that he?ll have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing a mate. It?s for this reason that we?ve no choice but to call it a draw in this round of bike racers vs footballers, awarding both sides half a point.
Bank Balance

The sickening numbers that get banded about regarding footballers wages are just that; sickening. But whilst their million-a-month salaries are the source of some serious envy amongst us laypeople, you can?t really blame the footballers, can you" I mean, I?d be quite happy to accept that sort of pay packet.

And whilst there aren?t that many motorcycle racers that?ll be on north of a million quid a month, there will be a few. Especially when you add personal sponsorship deals, merchandise sales and all that guff to their already healthy factory salaries.

And don?t forget that although some Premier League footballers are on the big bucks, not all of them are. Well not to the same degree, anyway. There are hundreds of them, so the ones earning a little bit less take the average salary down to 240,000 per annum, according to Google. Which is certainly less than the average MotoGP salary. But it might be nearer to the average World Superbike salary, so the only thing for it is to, once again call it a draw and award both sides half a point.


Ask any football fan to describe their favourite player using just one word, and nine times out of ten they?ll say ?flamboyant?. It doesn?t matter which team you play for, if you score a goal, the adoring crowds want to see y...
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Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different" Bike racers vs Footballers; are they really that different"


Fuente de la noticia: 44teeth
Fecha de publicacin: 09-04-2021 22:26
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